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I’m a mom to two tiny humans (ages 3 & 3 weeks), lover of Eric & coffee, worship leader at my church, artist/photographer (see my work at, and just all around busy person. For years, becoming basically non-functional for days at a time due to severe head discomfort with little to no relief was my norm and finally I just had enough. Thus, my oil journey began! I (reluctantly) tried YL Peppermint Essential Oil to see if it would help…and I was blown away! I couldn’t believe how much relief I had gotten from these glorious little drops of heaven. Since then, I’ve started a journey to create a natural, chemical-free lifestyle for my family and I am SO glad I did! Every day I just become more excited to see the results of using these oils – plus my home always smells amazing now. So that’s rad.

We use oils every single day – from cleaning and cooking to DIY beauty products…even homemade playdough! Happy oiling, friends! I can’t wait to be on this crazy-awesome adventure together! Let the journey begin!

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I'm Amber! Saved by Grace through faith. Self-taught painter & picture taker. Wifey. Mama of 2. Young Living Silver. Natural wellness advocate.

Wellness, art, and sharing about Jesus are true passions of mine, so sharing my life and thoughts here in my little corner of the interwebs is a true blessing.

On my blog you can expect to see some of my perspective on things like faith, family, marriage, wellness, and fostercare/adoption, with art, creative inspiration, projects and other things I love sprinkled in like glitter confetti.

One thing I want you to remember: You are LOVED and YOU MATTER. <3

So, welcome! Grab a healthy treat, get cozy, and stay awhile.

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