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Brianna & Tony | Married | Stanchfield, MN Wedding

FYI: This post has a lot of images! It may take a little bit to load for you to view them all. Please be patient. Thanks, friends!!! These two people: beautiful inside and out! I have known Brianna since she was pretty young, through a church we both used to attend. We never really talked…

Brianna & Tony | Engaged

I took a long break from blogging after having my 2nd baby, and now I’m back! What better way to celebrate than to show you this fun couple’s engagement session! I had so much fun with these two. Their love is abundantly apparent and it truly was a blessing for me to be able to…

All Natural Playdough With Essential Oils

My 3-year-old daughter LOVES playing with Playdough (ok, who am I kidding…I love that stuff, too!), but when it constantly gets left out, it dries up…and mommy & daddy’s pocketbook takes a hit. (Well, theoretically speaking. Usually I just don’t buy any more and she ends up eventually getting some for some special occasion or…

Lacie & Willy | Engaged

I absolutely love photographing couples. Think about this: When times get tough (because they will here and there) you’d have these photos to look back on to remind yourselves of your deep love for each other. To capture moments like this – moments that will be cherished forever – that’s what it’s all about, folks….

Andrea & Zach – Northern MN Rustic Wedding

In the fall of 2014 I had the honor of getting to photograph this amazing couple (I know..I’m WAYYY behind in blogging! Oh, the life of a mom/wife/busy-person-in-general). Their day was absolutely gorgeous – from the weather to the rustic decor to the love that you couldn’t help but feel all around you! I had…


I'm Amber! Saved by Grace through faith. Self-taught painter & picture taker. Wifey. Mama of 2. Young Living Silver. Natural wellness advocate.

Wellness, art, and sharing about Jesus are true passions of mine, so sharing my life and thoughts here in my little corner of the interwebs is a true blessing.

On my blog you can expect to see some of my perspective on things like faith, family, marriage, wellness, and fostercare/adoption, with art, creative inspiration, projects and other things I love sprinkled in like glitter confetti.

One thing I want you to remember: You are LOVED and YOU MATTER. <3

So, welcome! Grab a healthy treat, get cozy, and stay awhile.

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