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“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

About Amber

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Nice to meet you

I'm Amber! Saved by Grace through faith. Self-taught painter & picture taker. Wifey. Mama of 2. Young Living Silver. Natural wellness advocate.

Helping people, art, wellness, and sharing about Jesus are true passions of mine. I'm grateful to have my little corner of the interwebs to share my quirky, silly, Jesus-seeking, lover of people (and all things #aquaandgold) self with you!

On my blog you can expect to see some of my perspective on things like faith, family, marriage, wellness, and fostercare/adoption, with art, inspiration, humor, and other things I love sprinkled in like my favorite glitter confetti.

One thing I want you to remember: You are LOVED and YOU MATTER. <3

So, welcome! Grab a healthy treat, get cozy, and stay awhile.





You were made for

wellness + purpose + abundance

I LOVE helping people - it makes my soul shine!

It gives me such JOY that I get to lead an ever-growing community of people (called The Oiler Collective) finding wellness, purpose, and abundance through Young Living Essential Oils.

We're just a group of normal, everyday people - moms, dads, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends, etc - on a journey to living healthier, toxin-free lifestyles with essential oils.

Right off the bat - I want you to know there is ZERO pressure to ever sell anything.

If all you want is to join our community to purchase oils and toxin-free products & have us help you learn how to rid your home/lifestyle of nasty chemical toxins, that is GREAT!

We have resources available for both!

Once you join our team as a wholesale member, we have private facebook groups that you'll be added to, resources to help you learn all about how to use the oils and rid your lifestyle of harmful chemicals and toxins (like the Happy Oiler Handbook), webinars for you to watch, monthly team giveaways and challenges, a FREE 3-phase business bootcamp, mentorship phonecalls, and so much more!

Starting this wellness journey with essential oils can be intimidating, but we'll take your hand and walk you through it.

We know the importance of having a community of support around you when it comes to wellness and/or business, so say goodbye to any of that worry - we'll take good care of you, friend!

Come on over - we would love to have you

>> Click here to grab your starter kit & join my team! <<

>> Want to learn more about essential oils? Email me HERE - I'd love to connect with you, send you some info, and chat about how Young Living can fit into your daily wellness! <<